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Elements 2 now available for Reason 6

Available immediately, the premier third-party ReFill for Reason 5 and Reason 6!

Building on the success of the original Vector Synthesis ReFill, we now introduce polyphonic wavesequencing to your Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. With over 80 new Combinator patches featuring new Reason 6 devices, and hundreds of new NN-XT and Thor patches.

From chilled-out ambient, to progressive trance, rock, dub and house or Eastern spices, Elements 2—it’s even more of the stuff everything is made from.

New in E2:
  • Polyphonic Wavesequencing: 46 handcrafted, user-adjustable wavesequences. Play individual waves in sequence to create unique and evolving polyphonic chord or lead phrases
  • Korg MS2000 elements: 105 new multi-sampled elements from the classic VA
    • 27 dual oscillator elements with Ring Mod and/or Sync applied for exclusive new waveforms
    • Long waveform modulated (WFM) Saw/Sine/Square/Tri elements plus a noise menu
    • Four long Vox waves with WFM
    • Three quad oscillator elements utilising the MS2000 four voice mode
    • (4Osc- PWMSaw, -ResSync and -WaveMix)
    • All 63 DWGS digital waves

  • Seven additional Blofeld PPG sweeps, including Fuzz, Distorted, Heavy Fuzz and FuzzSync
  • 101 additional Korg Wavestation elements, including all the remaining Prophet VS waves
  • 36 additional Roland SC-8850 elements, including electric guitars and basses with release noises, and— yay!—accordions
  • 121 new Combinator workstation presets, including 85 for Reason 6, featuring new devices The Echo, Alligator and Pulveriser
  • 306 new NNXT presets, all chemically constructed from raw elements. Particular attention has been made on advanced layered and evolving patches, and wavesequences
  • 156 new Thor presets (inc. 85 new FX)
  • 10 Dr.OctoRex presets, each with 8 slot variants. 82 loops in total
  • New FX folder, located in the heart of the Fire, for all existing and new NN-XT and Thor effects patches, with an additional 34 Malstrom patches and a host of Combinator FX soundscapes
  • A suite of blank template patches for either Reason 5+ or Reason 6
  • 49 new Line 6 amp setups for PodFarm users

Other main Features
  • Vector Synthesis: Use X-Y-Z controls to live mix between four Voices, or simply turn on the automated Voice and Pan vectors
  • 76 Waldorf Blofeld elements, including 39 PPG and Microwave II wavetable random sweeps, with 20-30 second multisampling with up to five alternate layers, sampled through the onboard “PPG LP” filter and with different on-board drive amounts applied
  • 132 Roland SC-8850 ethnic and western ensemble instruments, guitars and voice elements
  • 300 Combinator Workstation presets
  • 641 NNXT patches
  • 486 Thor patches
  • 133 Line 6 FX Junkie patches
  • Elements 2 PDF guide

Fixes/changes from E1
  • Output levels of all NNXT, Thor, Mal elements, and Workstation presets have been adjusted. All patches now default to c.-12dB.
  • Combinator patches
    • Reduced default compressor amount in most Workstation presets
    • All send effects are now Off by default unless used by the preset
  • All existing FX patches have been moved to Fire/FX
  • Several errors, bugs and Col. Kurtz have been terminated “with extreme prejudice”

Minimum requirements
Reason 5.01

Recommended requirements
Reason 6
Multi-core processor

Elements 2: Vector Synthesis Workstation ReFill, the perfect companion for the new FSB, for Reason 5 and above, is available now from for only £39.95
or head to and select the Big Sound Bundle to purchase Elements 2 and Additions Additive Synthesizers for only £54.95


All purchasers of the original Elements—either directly from JP (including purchasers of JP Bundle deals) or from third-party sales sites, including the PropShop—will receive a free upgrade as soon as possible. Please be patient while arrangements are put in place.

Version 2 Demo song: (indie rock)
Features Elements Guitars, Bass, Synth and Bell. Drums are a heavily Pulverised Soul School homebrew kit, piano ID8, and the organ is, predictably, from the JP Farfisa ReFill.

Version 1 Demo songs: (trance) (trance) (oriental-flavoured ambient)
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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