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ODIN - VA Synth


Polyphony Voices (1 to 32)
Voice Drift Amount
Unison Voices (off, 2, 4, 6 or 8)
Unison Detune Amount
Unison Stereo Spread Amount
Portamento (Off/Legato/Always)
Portamento Type (Fixed/Scaled/Gliss Fixed/Gliss Scaled)
Portamento Amount

3 oscillators with Octave/Semi/Fine Tuning

Sine - with shaping/deforming
Triangle/Saw - with morphing
Square - with pulse width

Hard & Soft Sync (2 and/or 3 to 1)
Linear and Exp FM (various configurations)
FM Amount
Pink and White Noise
Ring Mod (Osc 1+2)

Oscillator 1 Level
Oscillator 2 Level
Oscillator 3 Level
Ring Mod Level
Noise Level

Balance control (between filter 1 and 2, with equal power crossfader,
0% = Filter 1, 50% = equally between Filter 1 and Filter 2, 100% = Filter 2).

Oscillator 1 f1 bal f2
Oscillator 2 f1 bal f2
Oscillator 3 f1 bal f2
Ring Mod f1 bal f2
Noise f1 bal f2

Filter 1 Freq
Filter 1 Res
Filter 1 Kbd Trk
Filter 1 Env Amt

Filter 1 to Filter 2 Amount (100% puts the filters in series).

Filter 2 Freq (Offset option button)
Filter 2 Res
Filter 2 Kbd Trk
Filter 2 Env Amt

Filter Types:
Oberheim SEM - 12dB LP/HP/BP/Notch Filter
TB-303 - 18dB LP Filter
Jupiter 8 - 12/24dB LP Filter
Moog - 24dB LP Filter
Moog - 24dB HP Filter
ARP - 24dB LP Filter
Eight Pole - 48dB LP Filter
Dual Band - Two 12dB BP Filters spaced one octave apart
Six Band - 36dB BP Filter
Phase Warp - An analogue phaser effect based on eight all-pass filters in series
Comb Filter - Four variations
Formant Filter - Three variation, 1-2 are three band, 3 is five band.
Band Limit - a two-pole high-pass filter and a two-pole low-pass filter in series, resonance adjusts bandwidth.

Filter 1 Level with Pan
Filter 2 Level with Pan
Pre Filter Mix Level with Pan
Pre Filter Signal (source)
Filter 1 Polarity (Pos/Neg)

Drive Type (comp/limiter/tube overdrive/distortion/tube amp/fuzz pedal)
Drive Amount
Program Level

LFO 1 & 2:
(same options for both LFO's)
Rate (Hz or Tempo Sync)
Modwheel (scaled by modwheel)
Triggering and voicing:
Key Reset - Mono
Key Reset - Poly (per voice)
Free Run - Mono
Free Run - Poly (prev voice)

Same options for all three ENV's

Attack, Decay Sustain Release
Selectable LOG/LIN/EXP curves for the Attack, Decay and Release stages on each envelope
Reset - On every note / Unless Legato
Freerun mode
Loop Mode, either entire envelopes or just A/D portion, either continuously or only while notes are held.

Key Velocity Track Amount

Rate (Hz or Tempo Sync)
Smooth Amount (Lag)
Input: Same sources as Mod Matrix
Triggering and voicing:
Key Reset - Mono
Key Reset - Poly (per voice)
Free Run - Mono
Free Run - Poly (per voice)

A 16 point tracking generator that lets you create your own curves for Mod Sources to achieve non-linear effects, to be used as a scale for modulation.

12 Slots with Source, Amount, Offset, Destination 1, Destination 2 and Scale.
All the LFO waves are available from the Mod Matrix so that you can have Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine available from one LFO at the same time. There is also 90* phase shifted version outputs for quadrature duties. The random drift is also available as a modulation source. The Mod Matrix have all the flexibility of Thor in terms of available sources and destinations but the addition of stuff like logic functions that you can use to scale with.

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