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A transparent freeze system

So as the rack and the sound goes bigger, my cpu going really hot.

In many DAW, you can "Freeze" tracks to free system memory by disabling all realtime effects and replacing it by a rendered stream.

You can bounce track too, it's a laboriuos work... and it's a manual "freeze".

The problem here is that Reason doesn't work like other DAW, modules can work with other ones randomly...

This is some ideas of how to implement "freeze" to reason :

- A standard "freeze" for unused ( not selected or not a direct or indirect child of the selected track ) tracks option.

- A toggle "Item Freeze, with automation".

- Or an intelligent system, imagine somethink like this ( if only i know more words in english... :/ ) :

- You have a Kong, just behing 4 master class comp, 4 EQ, 4 MAximizer, plugged into one 6:2 mixer, this mixer got a send effect ( a reverb for example ), in this rack the only thing that i need to modulate in real time is the mixer send and nothing else. So after all your computer have only to send the 4 rendered Kong stream to 4 mixer 6:2 inputs, once this 4 files are rendered, Reason bypass all your master class effects ( transpently ), and you can play with your send in realtime.

- A track and combinator minimising freezing option, during playback if you put your tracks or combiantor in freezed mode, you cannot use any automation of the combinator or any automation linked to this track, if you select it when playback if off, track and combi are automatically unfreezed.

- A mix of this and that

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