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Old 2011-10-02, 06:49
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6 Activation Issue and Resolution (sort of)

I am a Reason + Record owner and longtime Props customer. Here's my disappointing experience with the 6.0 activation; I am now functional, posting in hopes this may help others (users + Props).

Friday: Purchased the Reason 6.0 upgrade via name you price promo w/ PayPal ($20); received PayPal receipt, no e-mail from Props with the "Important info..." the screen said they'd send. Tried to authorize via Ignition key, and Internet Verification... neither worked. Sent e-mail asking for help, no response. No indication on my account that I have a 6.0 license (just the beta leftover).

Sat: Tried Ignition Key and Authorizer again... In running Authorizer, server is connected, but Ignition Key is "Waiting for Ignition Key..." Researched and tried everything... tried unsuccessfully on four (4) PCs (3 Windows 7 64-bit and 1 old XP). Tried multiple USB ports, all verified working. Code meter installed. Nothing worked... Ignition Key not recognized, red light only. Submitted formal issue through the website, no response, and didn't even get the boilerplate e-mail confirmation that they've received the issue help request.

SOLVED: As a last ditch effort... repurchased the 6.0 upgrade for again for $1 via paypal; as a result, the license now shows in my account. Ignition Key still does not work, no confirming e-mail received, Props never wrote back. However, I can now use 6.0 in non-demo mode with Internet verification. Yeah!

My messages to Props:
- Thank you for 6.0 and the name your price.
- Please improved your launch / activation technology processes. Also, I hate Ignition Key; it has never worked for me, I've only been able to authorize via Internet since Reason 4. I'm very disappointed I've had to spend so much time on this.
- Thank you again for 6.0, I sincerely appreciate it.

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