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Three tracks I made with Reason 6

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This started as a little piano melody that I filtered through the Alligator and automated a lot of its knobs throughout the song. There's also live drums being pushed through the Pulverizer. Originally there was a drum loop in there I was modifying with The Echo's roll feature but that was eventually replaced. Sorry about leaving the sync tones in at the beginning.

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I've posted this one previously but felt it'd be worth mentioning again in this thread. This one doesn't have a title yet but is something I made pretty quickly. Its main feature is a guitar melody I recorded from my own guitar... which I've never done before. It's being filtered through a combinator that's included with R6 called "Amped Critical Bands" which contains an Alligator inside of it; a very cool effect to pass an electric guitar through. Still a work in progress...

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The Hare is a short, relaxing chillout trancey track which features more Alligator. It's an addicting effect to play with; let me tell ya. There's probably a little of The Echo in there as well, but in the form of a normal mode echo (I find myself going to the Psychodelerium [sic] patch for The Echo a lot). Sad that I've not kept anything I made with the roll function in any new songs yet... but someday.
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