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Old 2011-10-03, 16:25
waynec waynec is offline
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Program /Patch selection assignable presets

I know that Reason has an up/down patch selection midi assignment. I know that I can use the sequencer instrument up/down to scroll to the instrument I want. I know, I know.

But what I really want is to assign a button to an instrument. Push the button, bang you are playing that instrument with a patch loaded. No scrolling, instant instrument LOVE.

If Reason would create just a small bank of these selection setups - not for EVERY instrument, but say a group of 10- and let us assign a control to each of those ten. We could set up the 10 instruments with patches in them, and program them into midi assignable slots, and presto, Bob's your Uncle.

If we could do the same thing with patches- so that after the instrument is selected we could then use that same bank of 10 presets to select (NOT scroll) to a specific patch that we assigned to preset 1, preset 2, whatever.

Maybe the same thing for midi control assignments- choose a preset, and bang, re-map controls for a different function. No song reloads, no command alt footpedal two hand face the east convolutions. Just a simple button assigned to a preset.

I'm dreaming now. Its sweet..

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