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Old 2011-10-03, 14:07
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Unhappy Exactly how to synth a sound according to my will?

I know the basic Reason manipulation
I know basic to-knows such as four sound waves, LFO, Filters and other basic knowledge of the synth

But when it comes to synthesizing a sound that comes into my mind, I still don't know how to create it properly.

To take many synth tutorials in Youtube for example, they involve tweaking many many values of comprehensive parameters, like detuning to XXX and then raising the RES of that LPF to XXX and on and on and on... and after that, add many effects and adjust their parameters as well.

I can refer to the already done refills and check what have been tweaked, but still have no clue how the authors complete the synth.

How exactly do they know what and how much to adjust?

Any suggestion to synth everything I want? Thanks!
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