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Old 2011-10-05, 20:31
boyaka2000 boyaka2000 is offline
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Sick and tired of MPK Mini issues... Am thinking M Audio Axiom 49... any opinions?

I have finally got to the point where Im sick and tired of this MPK Mini malfunction issue, its a pain in the ass.

People have been really helpful writing codecs that seem to work for them, but they dont for me... I have got close, but even then, I have had to redo it every time i restart reason... my music making has all but ground to a halt, and it seems stupid to carry on suffering just cos i like the £60 mpk mini, if anyone wants one, I will sell it to them for £35... thats a steal!!

Im going to buy a new controller this weekend and Im thinking about the Axiom 49...

Can someone please tell me...

1) does this work out of the box with reason?
2) is it a good controller?
3)is there a better controller for the money? (I just want a few keys, a few knobs and a few pads for finger drumming... )

If someone could advise me today i would be really grateful...

Also, as an additional question, whats a good size monitor? I know 2 is better but one will have to do for now... any suggestions there?

Thanks guys.

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