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The best convolution effect device...

Someone ask ( like me ) for a convolution reverb, and it's legitimate, the quality of this kind of reverb is well established.

This sort of effect use impluse files to simulate the sound propagation for each frequencys in the time... It analyze the impulse file as a spectral graph with y=Freq in Hz and X= Time in... seconds ^^.

So i think that there is a way to transform this spectral "image" by stretching it, crop...

And for a convolution reverb, the more the image is "brighter" ( every pixel are coded from 0 to 255 for example ) the more the associated freqs will be louder... So we can say that this image is modulating the "reverb decay"... and i think that it's possible to modulate other parameters, like a "delay volume" or "delay time", why not control a multifreq eq volume with this image... And other things... Why not creating 8 CV out, wich will output the value for 8 selected frequencys...

And if we want that our device is the most powerfull device, we need to put a "virtual reading head" for our impulse file, so that it will be possible to slow down the playback of the impulse, or stop it, playback in reverse, or trigger it à la legato or à la 1-shot...


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