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Old 2011-10-10, 07:50
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Aliased clips in sequencer (linked copy)

My main gripe with Reason, compared with some other tools, is difficulty of making patterns in the sequencer. It's really awkward when you want to change a pattern that you copypasted to fill the song.

I have tried using the matrix, and automate pattern switches. This is also awkward, as you end up with a wholly different note editor and you can't see the pattern in the sequencer.

I have also tried using blocks, but that doesn't work since blocks can't overlap each other. If they could, that would be a fine solution to this.

One clean solution that would go a long way would work like so:

- In the sequencer, drag a clip holding some MODIFIER key (not <alt>, as that copies). While dragging, display an icon similar to the "alias arrow", or maybe the "hyperlink chain links".

- When you drop this clip, it should be displayed grayed out/highlighted in some way to indicate that this is a linked clip. Any editing of it will edit the master clip instead, or you can choose to break it free, creating a real copy.

- A name given to the master clip, should show on the linked copies.

What you say? Enable awesome pattern layout tools in the Reason sequencer?

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