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Old 2011-10-10, 16:29
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Order # 1122676 - Shipment lost by UPS - Please send replacement

Order # 1122676 - Shipment lost by UPS - Please send replacement

Dear Propellerhead Representatives,

Balance and Essentials shipment (order # 1122676) has been lost by UPS

I have spent hours on the phone with various UPS local and International Representatives regarding this shipment. UPS has made an exhaustive attempt to locate the package and have notified me that it is lost.

UPS recommends that I contact the shipper (Propellerhead) and request that they initiate a 'trace investigation'. This must be initiated by the shipper to recoup the cost of the lost merchandise and associated shipping costs.

Please note, the receiver of the package can recoup nothing from the shipper (UPS).

Only the shipper (Propellerhead) has a business relationship with UPS and the right to request the type of investigation in which some type of compensation can accrue to the shipper.

Please note that the UPS website indicates the shipment is ‘Out for delivery’. This is misleading.

UPS has told me that the last time they could identify the package was on 10/6 at 3:07 AM. You will note on the website that there are no delivery attempts indicated and no subsequent scans. This, in the UPS world indicates that the package was lost sometime after 10/6 at 3:07 AM.

UPS can also confirm that the package was never loaded on a truck and no delivery attempt was ever made. The UPS website will continue to indicate ‘Out for delivery’ until the Shipper (Propellerhead) requests that a ‘trace investigation' be initiated. This and the ultimate outcome of the investigation will eventually result in a change to the ‘Out for Delivery’ status currently listed on the website.

Please contact UPS to confirm the information in this email and request a 'trace investigation’.

In order to assist me and inform Propellerhead of the loss of my shipment, on 10/7, Mark, an International UPS Supervisor called the Propellerhead telephone number in Sweden listed in their records for the delivery. This number was not valid and did not go to Propellerhead. Mark then called the telephone number for the UPS Account Representative in Sweden that is listed as handling the Propellerhead account. Unfortunately, due to the time difference the office in Sweden was closed and will not reopen until 8:00 AM on Monday (10/10).

On 10/10 Jacob James a UPS International representative in the USA has contacted A. Morris a UPS International representative in Sweden regarding the lost shipment.

A. Morris will request in the email to Propellerhead that a trace investigation be initiated by Propellerhead.

When a shipment is lost, the intended recipient has no rights with UPS.

In this case, UPS has attempted to assist me to contact Propellerhead to advise them of the actions they must initiate (e.g. trace investigation) to obtain some compensation for the lost shipment.

If Propellerhead does not initiate a 'trace investigation' no further action will be taken by UPS on this lost shipment.

These actions will only benefit Propellerhead and in no way benefit me.

Please note that I paid in full on 9/30/2011 for Balance and Essentials and never received it.

I played no part in the loss of the package by UPS.

I have spent a great deal of time learning what happened to this shipment.

I have sent several emails to Propellerhead regarding this matter starting on 10/7.

I have tried to provide Propellerhead with a clear and concise explanation to assist you to more quickly resolve this problem.

I am requesting that a replacement Balance and Essentials package be shipped to me at no additional as soon as reasonably possible.

Please let me know your intended course of action and if there are any actions required on my part to obtain the replacement shipment.

Your assistance in resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Update - On 10/10 at 10:09 AM (EDST) the following response from Propellerhead was received:

Hi there,

Thanks for your e-mails and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have now launched an investigation with UPS. This usually takes a few days but as soon as we know more we'll get back to you with the result of this investigation.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter!”

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