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Scripting in Reason

Brothers and Sisters!

We need ... midi out ... yes, but ... not only ... we need ... scripts!

Sometimes I dont wanna make music by hearing what I am doing. I rather prefer to write a script which, for example, does wiring automatically.

Or I have a great subtractor sound. Then I run some script, and it will automatically connect some effects to it, double the unit, detune it slightly for fatter sound, connect a line mixer and put all of it into a combinator and automatically assign the knobs to certain functions.

Or I take the 14:2 and rewire everything to the SSL, I let the script do it for me.

How does it sound to you? Did I promise too much?
Even Reaper can do scripting, but I dont know to what extend ...

It's an exciting feature for an exciting program (Reason) in an exciting world we are living.

Think about this.

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