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Old 2011-10-14, 12:49
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Can anyone help me with the mystical art of mastering

Hi, I've got a few questions about mastering in general and i wondered if any experienced studio engineers can shed a bit of light, i'm going to explain my situation so you guys understand the stage i'm at.
I'm an avid user of Reason / Record and have been trying my best to learn as much as possible regarding mixing etc. both in Record and my other system Cubase 5.. I've spent alot of time reading up, watching tutorials etc. both on here and other sites regarding the importance of getting a good mix prior to Mastering etc. Using your ears correct monitor position etc. etc. so im not a complete noob. My question is this
I have used the Reason Mastering suit in Record and tried my best with the tools i have and also i've looked at whats possible with regards to Mastering in Cubase etc. Which kind of leads onto some of the Mastering VST plug ins that are available from companies like WAVES and many others to be honest and its a massive subject in itself.. I'm not a pro musician and im not doing this for a living but i'm extremely interested in digital recording and want to get as good a results as possible and also learn. I've been looking at a minefield of plug ins and systems like Wavelab and thinking i should perfrom my Mastering and track organising in this enviroment.
Is this necessary to take this process out of Record? Is the Reason Mastering set up equal to what i've been looking at? Any advice would be much appreciated.
Sorry about the novel!!

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