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My Latest Reason6 Tune

My Latest Reason6 Tune
From midi file created w/ Band in a Box
Title: Groove Nation
Genre - Techno/Dance
Key - Am
Progression - Am Dm Gm Am
Tempo - 130bpm

Bass - Bass Gate - Combinator (FSB)
Sub Bass - Bass Guitar - Subtractor (FSB)
Perc Drums - 008 Perc Playa Combinator (Hitman Drums Crates 2)
Main Drums - Processed Drum Unit Combinator Disco Kit(FSB)
Octo Rex - Elec Drums/The Duchess 128 (FSB)
Strings - Dualsweep Pad -AH- Combinator (PRO.TON Demo)
Synth - 80's Ballad Combinator (Nightclub Demo)
Lead - Blue SW Combinator (Viral Outbreak)
Lead Echo - Ampline3 Combinator (Navi Retlav)

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Genres: Jazz, Electronica, Rock, Blues

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