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Old 2011-10-16, 06:37
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Can You Upgrade To Reason 6 From Essentials?


I'm new to this forum and I was looking to purchase Reason 6 in a few weeks, but Propellerhead's balance has really caught my eye. Unfortunately since I am not A Reason 5 or Record owner or a registered Owner of any version of Reason, I am not eligible for the free upgrade that comes with Balance with Essentials, so now I am thinking about purchasing both Balance With Essentials and the Reason 6 Upgrade. My Question is, is it even Possible to upgrade to Reason 6 From Essentials?

This question might be stupid but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. IF I can find away to get both Reason 6 and Balance without having to pay for the full version of Reason 6 I will be ecstatic.

Thanks In Advance For The Help!

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