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Improve the MClass!

The PEQ-2 is better than the MClass Equalizer!

While struggling to eliminate the (phase) distortion of a track I was very surprised to find out that it was caused by the MClass EQ. I placed a PEQ-2 in its place and the second surprise followed: it sounded much better! Doing a brief EQ- test afterwards I found out: The best sounding EQ is by far that of the SSL mixer which sounds absolutely great, second is the PEQ-2 and by far the worse: the MClass EQ! The Eq-section of the 14:2 mixer is OK as well and sounds better than the MClass but in this case I couldn't compare them directly cause (third surprise) it turned out to have shelving characteristics and its range was +/- 12dB and not +/- 24dB as it states in the manual. So Propellerheads please:
1. Improve the MClass EQ! We need it in sub-mixed devices, combinators etc. Or, why not create a completely new one simulating a Manley or another legendary one? Or maybe a brand new 10-band graphic Eq?
2. Give the right descriptions for the 14:2 in the manual

Other MClass probems:
3. The MClass Imager seems to have the same desease as the Eq, particulary at higher settings (above 2 o'clock position). It produces audible distortion, I guess phase distortion or something like comb-filtering effect. Defenitly needs improvement.
4. The MClass Compressor sounds, in higher settings, kind of pumping or so (no matter how long the release time is set). On the other hand the Compressor section (as well as everything else) of the Pulveriser sounds awsome! Why not copy its algorithms to the MClass Compressor and have both great sound and control? Or why not again create a new compressor simulating an anolog legend.

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