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Time Signature v. Tempo

Shortly after installing Reason 5, I quickly became frustrated with my inability to lay down tracks in time signatures other than 4/4. After reading the manual (beginning on bottom of page 580) on Redrum, I can see that even though there are only 16 step buttons on the front of the Redrum Rack, I can make additional edits in the sequencer screen after the proper adjustments to the Redrum are first made.

I understand time signatures to tell me that there are X=amount of beats that subdivide according to Y=length of beat to equal X/Y time signature.

4/4= 4 quarter note beats equaling 1 measure of 4/4
6/4= 6 quarter note beats equaling 1.5 measures of 4/4
6/8= 6 eighth note beats equaling 0.75 measures of 4/4
5/4= 5 quarter note beats equaling 1.25 measures of 4/4
15/16= 15 sixteenth note beats equaling 0.8875 measures of 4/4

To program the desired time signature, the user will first need to be able to comprehend the composition of a measure of that time and program the "STEPS" and "EDIT STEPS" button and toggle accordingly.
Once the pattern is began and converted over to the sequencer, additional additions and subtractions of notes can be made manually. Also, it is much better for visualization purposes to see the mapping of a respective part of your progression in it's entirety. This aides in your ability to better comprehend what you have done and what you are trying to do

Actual time signature and tempo adjustments can be made at the very bottom of both Rack and Sequencer windows by double clicking on the respective field and typing in the desired info and pressing enter.

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