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Old 2011-10-31, 14:34
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Exclamation The Browser IS An Issue... IMVHO (Also in PUF)

Tried searching but couldn't find anything akin to what I'm about to post so...

I use browser favourites extensively. I have favourites for basses, pads, organs, painos, guitars, etc., etc. I've always worked this way, with an ever increasing Refill collection it seems, to me, to be the best way forward.

After installing R6 I recreated my favourites (searching on simple terms across two refill folders and the Reason FSB & OSB). All finds dragged under the relevant favourite.

However, as I've increased the number of favourites (in R6) the slower the whole shebang has become when accessing those favourites and saving. One would expect a delay in accessing a heavily populated favourite folder through the browser, but not saving a project.

Having now removed all the favourites (with no other changes in the project) the file is saved in seconds, not minutes.

Saving has been a slow process (as I said) and I haven't been doing it as often as I'd like (3-4 minutes in some cases). But after a couple of crashes lately I needed to look into it and thought it may be duff patches/refills, but there was no consistency.

I've now come to the conclusion it's the browser, and in particular the way it handles favourites.

Can anyone else confirm this hypothesis?
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