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Old 2011-11-02, 21:32
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Copy Sends/EQ/Dyn/Inserts when Bouncing Mixer Channels.

The Bounce Mixer Channels command is great for "freezing" instrument tracks, but lacks one little feature, IMO. When you "Bounce to New Tracks in Song, and select "Mute original channels", you end up with a new audio track. The problem is that if you have used sends (especially if they include automation), you'll need to copy/paste those setting to the new channel (including copy/pasting the automation tracks one by one, if used).

This suggestion would add a "Copy Sends & Automation to new Audio Track" option when choosing the "Mute original tracks" option. Currently, if you use the "Copy Channel Settings" to restore the settings after the bounce command, no automation is copied.

Additionally, it would be cool if you could choose to copy the EQ/Dynamics/Insert settings (again, including automation) to the new channel if you choose to bounce with the "Apply Mixer Settings" option set to "None". :-)
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