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What goes on with SOUNDCLOUD? A story

Have you ever watched how your followers on soundcloud go up and down?
I'm very new to having people follow me on SC, and I think most people that do at the moment come from this forum, mostly because of my competition entries. But has it ever happend to you when a really big name starts following you and you wonder how or why even?

Here's what happened to me the other day...I had more followers than usual so I went to look who they were, lo and behold, a massive name was following. I actually got such a shock, and I started to follow them instantly. Anyone heard of "TRAFIK"? As a dj I've played a number of their tracks, so I was completely blown away, flattered and proud of myself all in one thought. I went home that day thinking "wow, this is really great news", told my family and friends that some important people are starting to notice me(amazing how a persons mind works).

The next day I go look at my SC account and there are less people following me than the day before. Very confused I go look at my followers and wouldn't you believe it, TRAFIK aren't following me anymore! So I starting thinking, "wait, there must be some sort of mistake". Nope, they are definitely not following me. My heart starts to break and I wonder how they could do this to me? What an awful trick I think to myself.

Now I'm angry, so in my rage I go and stop following them on SC, as if to say "Take that you bastards" Haha. "You'll wish you hadn't done that when I'm a fucking ROCKSTAR"

It's only a few hours later that I begin to calm done and realise how ridiculous and childish my thoughts have been. Then I actually started to piss myself laughing and think it was a great story.

Since then it's actually happened twice more with big names. But hey, I can't complain, having you guys follow me is something I really appreciate. (not to say you guys aren't big names or anything) It's nice to know somebody is listening.

Well, I better start cracking out some tunes and actually give people a reason to follow me. Haha, I said "Reason to follow me", get it? I used the word "reason" and that's the software we use. I'm funny hey? Seriously though, if I hear that joke again I think I might vomit. Or worse, I may just start following you on soundcloud, and nobody wants that


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