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Death by a Thousand Cuts - The Results!

Results rankings are in post #2. To begin, for convenience and reference, here is the full small fix list, and post-vote suggestions will now be added via this Results thread, and will be coloured green... or red... or ... I haven't decided yet purple .

1. Audio:quantize Confirmed for Reason 7
2. Audio: snap to transients mode when editing audio
3. Audio: X-Fades in seq window, with at least two curve types
4. Clips: clips that don't slide their audio inside the clip when changing tempo with "Stretch" enabled
5. Bounce: bounce clip or mixer channel to mono
6. Import/Export: MP3 format : MP3, WMA and AAC (and possibly other) formats confirmed for import in Reason 7
7. Recording: punch in / punch out
8. Stretch: Add turn off stretch globally, not just per track

9. Blocks: Add r-click “Copy Selection to New Block” from Song mode, add r-click "Copy Selection to Song" from Block mode
10. Blocks: Add renaming of Blocks in Sequencer view
11. Blocks: Allow different clip colours in Block sequencer to appear in Song mode sequencer

12.Browser: Remember initial search location when resolving missing samples
13. Browser: Remember sort type & order
14. Browser: Get rid of Document Browse List? Invariably one needs the whole folder, not just the partial list this view typically resolves
Device browsers:
Mouse wheel patch scrollage

Device Handling
15. Rack: Add Prefs > Select Devices by Side Zone/Corner only, or (as current, and really bloody annoying!) entire Device area
16. Rack: When creating channels, be asked how many?
17. Rack: zoom out view in rack
18. Rack: Add modifier key to allow reconnection of stereo cables. Even better if it can automatically work out stuff like connection to Thor Inputs 1+2, 2+3, or 3+4

Device Fixes/Additions

19. All: Paramater Handling: Type in parameter settings
20. All: Skins: or Color picker, esp Thor, Combinator, Kong
21. Combinator:
right-click "assign to combinator parameter x"
22. Combinator: velocity as modulation source in combinator
23. Combinator: Duplicate combinator routing when duplicating device
24. Combinator: Add copy/paste of device routing
25. Combinator: Add a notch mode when applicable
26. Combinator: Bring back the auto-black/white text algorithm that was dropped in Reason 5 and forever messing up dark backgrounds
27. Combinator: Routing button to FX device enabled, default to 2 > 1, rather than 0 > 2; no-one has needed a button to turn a device from Off to Bypass!!
28. Kong: Stereo delay or width control
29. Kong: stereo mode on noise drum module for reverb effects
30. Kong: right click routing templates for Kong
31. Kong: per-pad assignable parameters on Kong to solve automation issue
32. Kong: Show frequencies when you turn the freq-knob of kongs filter
33. MClass EQ: Add stereo modes
34. NN-19: sample start range toggle on NN-19 for granular or sample scrubbing uses
35. NNano : Copy/paste zones from NN-XT to NN-Nano
36. NNano: pan and decay control on layers and zones
37. NN-XT: Scrolling in the NN-XT editor
38. NN-XT: Automate sample start knob
39. PH-90: Add control of the initial phase of the phaser
40. RedRum: Import multiple samples in Redrum
41. RedRum: Copy sample to other channel
42. ReGroove: Fold Tool Window ReGroove Panel into ReGroove Mixer itself
43. Thor: Add exponential envelope mode
44. Thor: Add built-in routes for F1 and F2 to Filter 3 stereo-in
All: Oversampling:
high resolution internal processing of synths and effects
All instruments: Add master tune knob, plus a mod destination option in Thor.
Combinator: CV output for each rotary
Devices: folding a device main panel but keeping it's programmer visible
NN-XT: Allow "Lock Root" function to prevent resetting of root note to C3 when swapping sample
Neptune/BV512: Add auto delay compensation switch on the back, with Prefs Global On or Off setting for Create New Device
All: Shortcut for the Reset Device action: F9. No finger gymnastics for this one, please!

Drag ‘n’ Drop
45. Drag ‘n’ Drop: copy device/clip(s) from File A to File B
. Drag-n-drop: Sample pool to instruments or tracks

MIDI Handling
47. MIDI Import: Add Prefs > Load ID8 devices / Blank Combinators / Create tracks only
48. MIDI Focus: Select MIDI device focus via the Rack
MIDI: Chase events

. Remote: Ability to map controller to Toggle Rack Front/Rear.

50. SSL: Delete mixer channel when deleting a device (delete all in group doesn't do this)
51. SSL: Increase height of fader section when you separate the faders from the mixer, in order to scroll up the channels (faders become 100mm long for greater resolution)
52. SSL: keyboard shortcuts to +/- SSL mixer sections
53. SSL: VU+Peak readouts for the mixer channels
54. SSL: Solos that don't override mutes (impossible to solo a track to check mute automation)
55. SSL: Pre-Fader sends that are also Pre-Mute
57. SSL: Trim automation from fader
58. SSL: Transport bar in the Mixer view

Sample Handling inc. Live Sampler/Sample Editor
59. Editor: cut/paste in sample editor
60. Editor: delete/remove in sample editor
61. Editor: It would be better if the marked areas are cut, not the parts outside because you cant delete something inside the sample, just from the right and left.
62. ReFills: Export modified samples from ReFills
63. Samples: noise gate on sample input
64. Samples: Adjust sample finder window so that it's columned like the song file finder window, so we don't have to double click everything
65. Samples: right-click "send samples to sampler" option (i.e., send to NNXT, Kong etc.)

Song Mode/Sequencer & Edit Mode/Roll-View/Notes
66. Automation: Match automation numbering to fader type (dB to dB, not dB to 0–1000) Partial Fix: Implemented for Rack Extensions
67. Automation: stop screen scrolling like mad bastard if pointer goes a little too far whilst dragging the vector dot
68. Automation: Add a dynamically updated pop-up next to the currently edited curve point which lists value and position information for the point
69. Automation: Selecting multiple automation points of different amounts and typing in new figure in box above should change all values to the one typed in
70. Clips: User colour scheme selector
71. Clips: Reverse clip (note data/automation)
72. Clips: mode intelligent midi clips that prevent annoying overlaps or cut-off sustained notes
73. Clips: comp mode for MIDI recording
74. Clips: Add label to clips should have a next & prev button like protools etc.
75. Clips: Play clip tool [something like a reverse Mute Tool, click clip and it will play just that clip, solo, from start to finish]
76. Clips: Select all Clips in current Track (Ctrl-A selected all clips in song)*
77. Edit Mode: Add user adjustable grid contrast / select x number of alternate bar shading
78. Edit Mode: Copy paste notes and/or clips in Edit mode while the sequencer is running
79. Notes: Add an Alt-drag function to enable note start extension
80. Notes: adaptive snap
81. Notes: vertical snap in piano roll for musical scales
82. Notes: drum note tool for rapid notes
83. Notes: more right-click musical functions in the piano roll: quantize length, remove short notes, quantize 50% etc.
84. Notes: Trigger notes while editing/moving notes with keyboard shortcuts (right now it only works with the mouse, manually)
85. Notes: Single tool for drawing and deleting notes
86. Notes: Add slice notes ability to Razor tool in Edit Mode
87. Roll-View: Add note highlight to the vertical keyboard guide when note is triggered via MIDI
88. Sequencer/Roll-View Snap and Quantisation: Add full control of snap divisions from 1/1 to 1/256 via 1/3, 1/7 etc. [User-Defined Grid]
89. Sequencer: Full screen Sequencer View
90. Sequencer: user defined zoom level memories
91. Sequencer: 3 taps on the space bar to return to first bar
92. Sequencer: split at playhead shortcut
93. Sequencer: crop at loop points shortcut
94. Sequencer: Add option to move entire or section of arrangement w/o "inserting bars between locators", ie. highlight part you want to move and done!
. Sequencer: Easier way of selecting sections of multiple tracks that are not in Blocks*
. Timeline: Magnetic timeline
. Timeline: Add user locator markers
98. Timeline: Add a collapsible song timeline in Rack/Mixer - allows control/setting of playback/loop points in maximised Rack or SSL views
99. Tracks: Autocopy patch name to track name option
100. Tracks: Auto-import Combinator device labels to sequencer automation lanes
101. Tracks: Bring back attach track to any Rack device function
ALL: Align and Distribute Selection: Distribute selected events evenly left to right, +Align selected events left, right and centre and up and down!
ALL: Grouping: Non-destructive group.
EDIT: Ghost Notes: Shaded notes from another midi channel/s in current sequencer edit view

EDIT: Bring Quantise options back into toolbar, sharing divisor with Snap Grid
CLIPS: Link clips across tracks
LANES: Solo function for track lanes.

Misc & User Interface
102. Big Meter: Remember last viewed setting FIXED!
103. Black Monolith: destroy it (that screen hogging black strip on the right you get in single rack column views)
104. File Management: Short-cut to Save As new version of Reason file with numeric increment
105. Kill Switch aka Panic Button: Cease all audio processing, including MIDI notes, delay FX etc on Sequencer Stop
. Metering: Signal Clip reset buttons, reset all main meters with one click
107. Shortcuts: key commands for Copy and Paste Patch
108. Shortcuts: key command for Initialise Patch
109. Solo/Mute: Pressing 'mute' mutes across all screens be it note or audio data
110. Tool Window: let us attach the tool window to the main window
111. Tool Window: Add scroll bar rather than half of it disappearing off the face the earth
112. UI: Consistent use of ESC key to cancel modal dialogs. (e.g. "Please insert disk. "Browse" / "Cancel")
113. UI: Port over track focus shortcut buttons from SSL to Sequencer track (shortcuts to SSL/Rack) and Rack Mix Channel (shortcuts to SSL/Seq)
114. UI: (Win) Only File > Quit or window "X" on last open doc should close program. File > Close on last open document should open default song/template.
115. UI: All navigators can be resized, but not just the racknav
116. UI: Channels arrangement in seq page should be mirrored on the mixer and rack pages
117. UI: Repeat Last function.
. UI: Less double-clicking, especially accessing track automation track clips
. UI: Rack window comes to the front when double click on a track, and automatically expand the device
120. UI: Rack/SSL layout: option of dividing the screen vertically instead of horizontally
121. UI: Add Combinator to Instruments section of insert device as well as "other"
Metronome: Customisable bar/beat sound selection
Rack: Collapse/Expand "All Selected Devices" option as well as the existing Alt-Click Collapse/Expand Column
LOGIN! Remember username and password option.

. Touch: Re-engineer the song navigator to be more touch friendly
123. Touch: Add Prefs > global option to specify where tool tips display in relation to control. ('Tool Tips' showing current value of control are below and to right of control and hidden behind your finger if using touch monitor with your right hand)
124. Touch: Hot spot zone of 5 pixels surrounding each control where Reason would imply that you were attempting to touch that control.
125. Touch: Big button to switch between Mixer, Sequencer and Rack windows in Transport
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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