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Wireless Router

A little bit out of left field and kind of difficult to explain the concept but here we go.

I think Propellerhead should create two rack devices, one that sends audio through a wireless connection (like the channel strip send auxs) and another that can receive audio from any set up wireless connection (like the master section aux mixer).

The send device would have an audio input connection, a pass through and a wireless send connection identifier.

The receiver device would have an audio output, level and a wireless return connection identifier.

The idea is to reduce wire clutter that can occur when splitting a source signal to multiple sources.

Like for example if you wanted a Redrum to be your side-chain input for other multiple devices, currently you would have to split the output x amount of times for the number devices you want to side-chain. Normally this causes a mess of wires, searching the your list of device to find where you want to route it and can usually be quite a long process.

Continuing with the example, with two routers you could just connect the Redrum to a send router on connection #Side-chainTrigger and setup multiple receivers set to connection #Side-chainTrigger anywhere in the rack that you need a side-chain input.

And breathe lol

So tell me what you guys think and if someone makes this... pay me lol
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