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New reverb device wishes

In case you Propellerheads currently work on creating a new reverb device (which I hope) or new reverb algorithms for the RV7000, that's what I'd wish.

1. Let the reverberation fade out smoothly, gradually and not in "reverb waves".
2. Let the reverberation be free of the "comb filtering effect".
3. Let the reverberation be free of hiss.
4. Let the reverberation keep the level constant
5. Let the reverberation be free of sound coloration.

What I exactly mean:

1. By using the snare drum of an acoustic drum set, I can sometimes clearly hear the reverberation growing and disappearing after the snare drum hit. Settings: predelay: 0 ms, ER level: 0 dB, ER à Late: 0%, Mod amount: 0% and Diffusion: 127 (highest setting). What I've heard I could also visualize in the waveform: the Snare pulse was followed by quite nothing and 50 ms later by the first reverberation wave followed by the next ones (which are diffused). Of course different room sizes produce "reverb waves" in equally different times and these can be expanded further by adding predelay. This effect is greater on the RV-7 than on the RV7000 whereas on Kong's "Drum Room Reverb" is barely audible.

2. Using the same acoustic snare drum the RV7000 seems to produce slight comb filtering within the reverberation, even in larger space algorithms. The RV-7 produces even more of this effect and in its small room algorithms I hear nothing but comb filtering. The bigger room settings of the Kong's "Drum Room Reverb" (above 2 o’clock) are “clean”.

3. Trying to eliminate the hiss of a track I found out that it was produced by the RV7000. I raised the HF-damping and the hiss turned to a … well … hush or to somehow lower frequented hiss.

4. Using the Echo Algorithm of the RV7000 I found out that the echoed sound was significantly louder than the dry sound. One may first say it sounds better but in fact is only louder.

5. The RV7000 raises audibly the bottom and the top end. I tested it with a (flat) noise-signal and the waveform of the processed signal showed clearly a raise of about 2 dB at the bottom and the top.

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