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Old 2011-11-29, 00:47
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Not been on forums for a couple of weeks or so and guess what....

Ive taken a break from the forum for a while (seems like 2 weeks, but may only be a week, not sure)... I come back on today and guess what the top thread on the first page is....

The DONGLE!! haha!!

Its so f'ing sad its funny.

Whilst I support the rights of all users to have an opinion on, and to post that opinion, on any aspects of the software, dongle included, and also admit freely that I to have a dislike for the dongle, I dont like the fact it takes up a port, and think pheads are shooting themselves in the foot by implementing it, I HAVE to say that the constant discussion of it makes for a darned boring forum....

And look, Im guiilty of it too, again, now.... lol..... its like a frickin kind of black hole or something...

I propose a solution to the problem. That regular users, who read this post and agree, we could make a kind of group agreement to simply begin to ignore, en masse any posts about the dongle... just refuse to comment on any post complaining about it. Obviously not sensible posts where a user is having a genuine difficulty like their machine isnt recognising it or something, but we could just all agree to have a constant blind-spot for the "I hate the dongle, it uses up a usb port" argument...

What do you reckon guys???

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