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Old 2011-12-04, 12:04
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Audio Quantise with the following features + more

1.Audio Quantise -

2. Quantise Audio Events with slip editing to grid (if needs be)

3.Apply Regroove mixer to Audio Quantise recording lanes

4.Analysis of recorded audio for the fast extraction of grooves that can be applied as regroove templates for audio only or analysed as regroove templates to apply to midi events in other lanes.

5.Snap automation of insert FX or Combinator controllers to audio quantise events

6.Spline curve automation of the above vector lane automation

7.Crossfade (both linear and exponential) between audio clips in a specific lane

8.Add a snap vector automation to midi note on events for Reason synth and drum devices with spline curve automation so that vector automation points instantly correlate to midi note on events in that devices midi channel.

9.Region area of audio clip - select export as rex file and allow this to be loaded directly into either the NNXT/NN19/Nurse Rex or Octorex and Kong.

10.Allow direct sampling to device (as now implemented with recycle embedded as an option in the sample editing window)

11.Native delay compensation for all devices that have this issue (Neptune anyone)

12.Nurse Rex and NNNano as module oscillators inside Kong

13.Make the effects chain and devices in Kong Modular and allow the use of the resonator, ring modulator, transient shaper from Kong directly inside Thor.

14.Reverse play order of midi clip (like audio reverse) but with just the note on events played in the reverse order.

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