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I Don't Want To Use The Rack Anymore

i just got myself a 27" monitor and decided to use it as my one and only monitor (the iMac gets tossed off to the side). I was used to running R6 on 2 monitors, with the Rack on one screen and the sequencer on the other. Now that i''ve decided to stick with one monitor, I am noticing how cumbersome it is to swtich between screens, particularly between the sequencer and the rack. I use the shortcut keys of course, but it's still a lot of switching back and forth. I'd like to be able to do most of my stuff on the sequencer page.

I want to be able to perform 4 basic things in the sequencer view: navigate a synth's presets, modify channel volume, modify pan position, and get transported to an instrument in the rack.

I figure this can be added to the devices channel strip in the sequencer view...maybe adding a little + sign that opens up a tiny little section that contain these parameters. If i needed to re-patch things, or modify a synth's settings, I'd just hit the 'rack' button and i'd automatically get presented with that synth on the screen (like on the mixer). If that won't work, then I want a mini channel strip to pop open on the left side of the screen, like the one in Logic. It has to have the ability to browse a synths presets though. The whole point is to not have to switch over to the rack or the mixer to perform the most basic of things.

If I were in charge of Reason's development, I would focus on making it more accessible to the beginner and faster to use for the pro. I'd want it to be less about tweaking and patching and combining and more about getting things done fast. I'd like to give the Rack a more behind-the-scenes role. It would be something that you would not need to mess with if you didn't want to. The tweakability would still be there of course, it would just be less in-your-face. I've spent a lot of time creating presets for Reason's synths - I don't have to mess with the rack anymore. My sound designing is done. I just want to load my presets and go (along with adjusting volume and pan). I wish I could do all of that on the sequencer page. I'd get things done faster for sure.


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