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Old 2011-12-12, 00:52
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Soloing devices during performance WITHOUT CLICKING...Keyboard shortcut?

Hi, all - I'm currently using OSCulator to control Reason 4 with a Wiimote during live performance. I have Reason re-wired into DP and I am creating audio loops in real time using DP's Polar then recording midi loops, triggering them and improvising overtop using Reason.

I have 3 devices in my Reason session: Redrum, NN-XT, Combinator. I'm already able to highlight and scroll between the 3 devices but I am currently unable to SOLO or MUTE the lanes/devices without physically mouse-clicking "S" or "M". If I could mute/solo devices with the Wiimote, I could have the freedom to improvise using a particular sound (just by highlighting the device) while loop recording to that same muted device in the background and have the material to un-mute as a sort of "wall of sound" without ever having to touch my Macbook Pro.

I researched and found there are no keyboard shortcuts in Rsn4 to mute or solo devices (otherwise I'd be set). Does anyone know if it's possible to assign "S" and "M" to be controlled by a CC or MIDI note? Unfortunately, when ctrl-clicked, there is no option for "keyboard control/remote override mapping" for solo/mute. Perhaps I'm missing something or approaching this from the wrong angle completely - any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!!

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