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Unhappy Balance - an upgrade path?

I've purchased all versions of Reason / Record since 4.0. Great - love the product (obvious, since I keep spending money on it...).

I'd also like to buy Balance - I've been waiting for it to arrive for a while now. BUT when it did it was 499 Euros!!! Yes - it comes with Reason Essentials - but I don't need that, as I've got Reason 6.

Which brings me to my point: it's too expensive! Yes people will argue that if I shop around I will get it slightly cheaper. And yes, they will argue that it has many significant features. All true. But shouldn't us regular customers be able to buy Balance on it's own at a lower price? We don't need Reason Essentials after all. And it is a sort of upgrade - we've already got the relevant software!

I want to buy it, but can't justify ditching my existing USB interface for that sort of price. I want to love the cool design (showing my age there with that terminology). I really admire all things Propellerhead, even down to the tutorial videos (keep up the good work Frank).

Worth asking the question. If I can't convince you guys, it's back to my furshlugginer M-Audio Fast Track I suppose. Works really well, but it's got no soul if you see what I mean...

I'll leave it with you. Cheers,

PS - I'm sure that this isn't the correct forum for this, but I couldn't find one that was....

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