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Two devices I really miss in Reason

I know both of these have been mentioned many times before, but I really want to remind Props until we get it.

I recently got AAS Chromaphone and Logic´s Sculpture and Space Designer (bought Mainstage from the App Store). I have used convolution reverbs and PM synths before, but yesterday I was just reminded of how greatly expressive and inspiring they are. I could just play for hours with the incredibly expressive and organic sound of Chromaphone going through a beautiful natural space.
PM synthesis is great for all sorts of keys, percussion, organic textures, guitar and bass sounds and most of all tuned percussion like gamelan, timpali, glockenspiel and steel drums.
And together with a PM instrument a convolution reverb would be the perfect companion.

A physical modeling synth and a convolution reverb are hugely needed in Reason, forget about the digital synth or uber fancy sampler; most digital style timbres are already quite possible to do with Thor, and I´d much rather have great sounding PM models of classic instruments than 50gb sample libraries (of course that is still needed).

PM synthesis is in my opinion the future of synthesis; there´s a reason why Logic´s latest synth was Sculpture and why Ableton licensed AAS´s products.

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