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View Poll Results: How would you use a convolution processing device in Reason?
I would use it to incorporate my whole studio into the Reason Rack. 7 58.33%
I would download/purchase refills with convolution images of hardware units I would like to own. 4 33.33%
I would buy Reason all over again for this feature alone! 2 16.67%
I wouldn't use the device or I think this goes against Propellerhead's vision for their products. 1 8.33%
I'm not sure yet: I would need to see what the feature can offer. 2 16.67%
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Old 2011-12-24, 00:43
CommanderCool CommanderCool is offline
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Lightbulb A Convolution Engine in Reason: Put your own hardware effects into the Reason Rack.

Starting a thread to see what interest there would be if the Propellerheads were to put a Convolution Engine into Reason available as a Rack device, or even just with a new button on the Combinator. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions here.

A lot of products out there use various methods of convolution and dynamic convolution processing for modeling,(Focusrite's Liquid series products, or Native Instruments' Reflektor are good examples) but I think that a Propellerhead style approach to this technology could make it much more accessible and useful.

The device would essentially be a user interface for the convolution engine that would provide a simple way for users to load or generate their own impulses into the rack device. A single button could guide you through the steps of connecting the hardware to be modeled, and then the actual generation of the impulse files could be done all under the hood.

I'll try illustrating the idea with an example of how the device could work in a practical setting:

Say you have a chorus pedal with a certain character, or you just spent a bunch of money on a really nice channel strip you want in a project, but you don't want to run it as a send effect because you want to use different settings for different tracks, or you aren't yet sure what settings you want, or maybe you want to modulate the settings inside of reason etc. You push the above mentioned button to which starts a series of prompts:

1) Name your device and set all knobs and buttons to their off positions.

2) Select the inputs and outputs to be used on your audio interface for connecting to the effect.

3) How many knobs are on the effect? Name the knobs.

4) Please turn the first knob following the knob you see on your screen. (at which point Reason would begin sending send a series of tones and percussive sounds sweeping above and below the audible frequency spectrum through the effect, which would be recorded and used as the impulse files)

5) Repeat step 4 for all the other knobs, and then any buttons or sliders on the effect.

Reason could then use the recorded impulses to create a very accurate convolution image for the effect, and would generate a combinator patch whose knobs would select the corresponding impulses to change the convolution image to simulate turning that same knob on the hardware unit.

The combinator already supports custom skins, so making refills using the convolution engine would be extremely simple and would bring a lot of flavor to the reason rack.

This would open Reason to a massive amount of new power and flexibility without compromising the hallmark stability or sound quality of the program.

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