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Wink Vienna Symphonic Library

Can Propellerhead please team up with the folks of VSL to deliver VSL refills for the NNXT? Or accomplish something similar?

I haven't had the liberty myself of playing with any of the VSL libraries (as I only use Reason). I have listened to samples (and it sounds extraordinary). It appears to be the sample libraries the pros go to (at lease for sampled orchestral sounds, of course). So, what I'm really after is just better orchestral sounds (with great playability)...VSL is just an idea.

I am currently continuing to use Orkester and Miroslav Gold. I have always liked Orkester (great quality, but limited in size/variety). I'm somewhat satisfied with Miroslav (the sounds typically sound ok along side others—usually takes some tweaking/arranging). When patches are played by themselves, It's easy for me to hear artifacts, electronic hiss, background noises...and the length in samples tend to differ (affects playability).

I am a proponent for maintaining Reason as a non-VST DAW (I quite enjoy the stability and creativity that goes into the software). Partnering up with VSL to create NNXT refills or creating a new internal project to deliver the ultimate orchestral refill is just something I feel many of us Reason users would like to see.

Any thoughts? Any other refills out there better than Miroslav and Orkester?

Thanks for listening =)

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