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note or event 'chasing'!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by dirtysoap
"In Reason, when you have note that spans a few seconds or longer, unless you start playing it from the beginning it won't play. Is there a way around that? For example, in Cubase, if I play a note that goes for 10 seconds and start it from second 5 it will play but if I tried that in Reason it would not play unless I started it from the beginning of the note. Hopefully I was clear enough.

This is called note or event 'chasing', and sadly Reason doesn't have this as an option - it chases other data, just not notes, and I'm guessing the reason why is for patches and samples that are long and evolving.

But this feature HAS it's uses IMO, and it HAS been requested/suggested by others, so you're not alone in wanting to do this. :-)"
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