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Old 2012-01-03, 13:52
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Master tune knob on all instrument devices. Please, please, please.

This feature is long overdue imho. All instrument devices in Reason should have a master tune knob, like old analog synths, with +/- 3 semitones (or even +/- 12 semitones). This should be a coarse tuning and not quantized to semitone (i.e +/- 1200 cents)

This enables us to quickly tune an instrument device by ear to that of recorded audio but it also gives us other options if you make it automatable, such as easily stacking devices in a Combinator and detuning them in relation to each other (but still retain any relative tuning between two oscillators within a device).

In Thor it would also be nice if this option got it's own mod destination, aka "Global Pitch" so that you can easily affect the pitch of all three oscillators in an easy manner when wanting to do vibrato or similar.

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