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Old 2012-01-03, 23:13
bmaverett bmaverett is offline
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FireFox fixed my Reason internet authorization problem!

Sometimes troubleshooting solutions pop up from the strangest places.

I am running Reason 6 on my Windows 7 machine and authorizing using internet verification (it's a trial license, so no key). Even with the Firewall turned off, I was getting a login error telling me that the server failed to respond. Everything else checked out, the internet connection, the firewall settings, CodeMeter running... I had no idea what was going on. I was able to install on my my mac and it ran fine, so the problem had to be on the Windows machine.

After reinstalling a couple of times, as a last ditch attempt, I ran a Windows update... (I always resist doing this because they've caused me numerous kernel panic headaches in the past.) This time around, no problem. Still, Reason wouldn't authorize. But, Windows did tell me that I had a malicious piece of software that it removed, so that was a plus.

I was going to email the CodeMeter Event logs to Propellerheads support in the hopes that they might have some inkling from them why it couldn't connect. But, suddenly, Firefox could no longer connect to the internet... Strange. It said it was configured to use a proxy server that wasn't responding. What?! That was new. So, I went into the settings and, yes, it was configured to do that. I turned it off, but not before noticing the IP address it was set to use. This was the same address mentioned in the CodeMeter Event logs. Could my computer be configured to use a proxy server? I tried opening Reason again with CodeMeter Control Center open and this time there was no mention of this IP address, but it still wasn't connecting.

I went into my internet settings for Windows 7 and noticed that the LAN settings were configured to use a proxy server, but the IP address settings were empty. I thought, "why not" and turned off the proxy server setting.

I ran Reason again and... it worked!!

So... thank you Firefox which, by not working, helped me fix Reason... haha!

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