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Pattern Sequencer

I really would like to see a better pattern sequencer, especially one that can be edited fully from control surfaces.

First off we have 3 Pattern sequencer which all have their pros and cons but none of them is really perfect on its own:


- steps are not editable via control surfaces
- editing in the smal window is not so easy because everything is really small
- 32 steps max
- note and curves
- copy to track
- pattern banks

-steps are not editable via control surface
-no note/curve values
-64 steps max but no easy way to copy within a pattern especially when extending a pattern from 16 steps to 64
-big device

-good old school type of editing (apart from the missing copy functions)
-pattern banks
-copy to track

- good old school type of editing
- steps are editable via control surfaces!!!
- notes, vel, curves

- only one pattern
- 16 steps max
- no copy to track function
- huge device with the sequencer hidden in the optional panel

So what i would like to see is basically the thor seqencer with features added from the other two sequencers like Pattern banks, copy to track, 64 steps max (at best as additional rows of steps below the first row of 16 for easy editing), maybe a matrix style window for curve and note editing. AND very important a proper way to copy data within patterns. Like starting with a 16 step beat and when extending to 64 steps the pattern gets automatically duplicated to steps 17-64.

What do you guys think?

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