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The ReViewer (visual waveform device)

One thing that I really miss in Reason compared to many other DAWs is the ability to actually see waveforms and how the different effects affect my sounds – ears are obviously the main source for analyzing how things sound but for tweaking and so on watching sound waves could be really useful.

I call it the ReViewer!

I imagine this to be a device that you can just add anywhere in your tool chain – not having any effect on the sound at all. The device would have a screen on it displaying the real-time sound coming into the device as waveform – either mono or stereo depending on input.
I imagine the screen showing the current sound entering the screen from the right side of the screen and then moving over the screen until disappearing again in the left side. This would for example allow you to place the device before and after an effect to see how it affects the sound.

For example of chain could be: Audio from track -> Reviewer -> EQ -> Compressor -> Reviewer -> mix channel. This could be really useful for mixing but if it was put it in the mastering chain then this part of Reason would be way more useful.

The device could have the following options (which you should be able automate so you can change what you view during the course of the song):
  • Display mode – switch between waveform (as described above), spectrum analyzer (for real-time spectrum), and stereo image (for adjusting)
  • Time scale knob – to set how fast the wave form would pass through the screen
  • A freeze button that holds the image of the current screen until the button is pressed again

Here's a quick mock up:

These are the things that I can think of on the top of my head but I'm with a bit of iterations this could be even more useful. With this device (if it was really well implemented) I would probably never have to go to any other recording program...

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