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Talking Space in a mix (The Alien theory)

Why is it that a professionally mixed songs feels like it has a pan width so much greater than what a standard mix can achieve?

Even some mixes I've done in Ozone that have taken the depth of my mixes to a completely new level seem narrow or Mono-ish compared to some mixes I've heard in the top 40.

Why do I imagine there is a limit to what the average schmo can achieve, and that back in some pro Mixing studio, is the ever coveted "MixoMax4000" secret weapon that turns your mix from lead to gold? (All with the aid of alien technology...of course.)

Hell I can take one track of a single voice put through a stereo reverb with the left and right channels panned to the extreme and it still feels like my extreme is inside a smaller room than what I'm hearing on these MixoMax4000 mixes...its like my stereo is sudo-stereo...maybe my left ear has stopped working, and I'm in denial.

Perhaps I'm on to something here...(looking around the room expecting Mixing ninjas to fall from the ceiling tiles)

(i'm sure this has something to do with Maximization of different frequency ranges, but heck, I like the alien technology theory)


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