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Old 2012-01-17, 09:53
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Cool Reason 7, better use of screen real estate and color

Screen space and better color control.....please for Reason 7.

While the Main Mixer screen, Rack, and Sequencer views all provide a descent amount of space on or detached, there is quite a bit of wasted screen space that is always present. Particularly in the sequencer, and most of all around the transport panel
Three key areas where sceen space needs to be improved are:

1. The transport Bar. To the left and right of the transport bar is dead space. The transport bar needs the option to be relocated, and not fill the screen from side to side. Anything but stuck in one place with gobs of unusable blank space to the left and right side.

2. The Song/Block/Edit mode bar contains a ton of wasted space. While viewing the sequencer screen [F7} there is nearly 8 to 10% of wasted space along this horizontal bar. That's a lot of wasted space that could be narrower, or contain additional edit tools when in any of the song, block or edit modes.

3. Better customization of the navigator panes. In Reason 6, the navigator panes are either globally on or off and when switching this function, it effects all views (rack, sequencer, and mixer). That's very limited control of space. Not to mention, there's no shortcut button!

While Propellerhead engineers/Design Staff are thankfully concerned about musician workflow, it would really be beneficial to now tailor the screen space so that musicians can adjust the screen to their preferences. Perhaps keep a simple start up interface for new users, but allow customization, fly out panes, and so forth for personalizing workspace. If the user doesn't like that sort of customization, then don't use it.

For example: How about a right click for a menu to contain "quick edit tools" in the sequencer screen.

Wouldn't it be nice to have channel Strip Navigators fly out by mousing over or run the cursor off of the screen to the right or at top to access the Navigator? None of this would tax the CPU, but would greatly enhance the user feedback, and ability to see more valuable screen space.

Color. "Could someone turn the lights down here?"
Lastly, and an extremely important one is better use of color customization. The track color option for tracks is cute, but let's face it, the colors are limited (16?) and a little too tooty fruity! How about having the ability to create a softer gray screen atmosphere (background), and at least 256 colors. Not fruit bars. If track colors could be passed onto to the SSL console tracks as well, the console would be easier to locate tracks. Yes, the bottom of the track contains some color, but it's really quite limitted.

Remember, the key word here is "option". If users like what they already have, fine. Some of us though work many hours in Reason, so workspace and color do become a factor. At present, our only option is to export tracks to another DAW.

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