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Lightbulb Improved Parametric EQ

Yes I know, new mixing console EQ and such but what I (personally in any case) would like to see is a more flexible dedicated parametric EQ.

The M-Class EQ surely is decent enough and and fit for most tasks but it is not up there with what is out there these days.

Prime example is the low-cut shelving filter, it offers no shelving curve control and I need to use the stereo imager low-cut for this task which works but not ideally. Hi-cut is not integrated at all and so I need again to turn to the imager or now finally to the mixing desk. Again it works but should be available via one single tool I think.

Also the I find the sound characteristics of the M-Class EQ are a bit too pronounced in the high end and to some extend also the high-mids and a smoother sound characteristic would be welcome. For high-end pronounciation I use the Ozone EQ simply because it appears to sound more pleasing to the ear.

In general it might be good to have more than the two parametric bands in any case since for the more demanding tasks I use up to 4 EQ's for one single instrument. Fair enough, it works but it makes automation somewhat arkward. 4 parametric bands are nearly standart these days.

I also think a larger display might not hurt, especially one that I could use to shape the frequencies instead of having to tweak the knobs. This in my humble opinion would also improve the workflow!

And finally I don't care about good looks of instruments as long as they are flexible so the EQ could be like the NN-XT sampler one big massive display and maybe some control knobs below.

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