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Spectrum Analyser

In my opinion, the feature that Reason needs most (and has for some time - especially now with v6 or Record) is a half decent speccy analyser. Nothing too fancy, just a simple device (could even be half-rack size) that you can call up instantly to see the EQ on any device.

Now.. before anyone points out that this is possible by using the bv512 vocoder, I must argue that this is less than ideal. I'm also sure there are various third-party plug-ins available as VSTs - which (I assume) could be accessed by Rewire. Again, this is not the answer - Rewire is fiddly and requires running multiple programs - which defeats the whole point! (I'm not going to get into the 'Reason needs VST compatibility' issue here)

No. The answer - at risk of repeating myself - is for a simple unit (at least 32 band, mind you) capable of displaying the usable frequency range, say around 25/30 Hz (for sub bass - very important in dance music) to 20k or so. In labelled columns, please! A high/low shelf would be useful, along with some kind of cut/gain - but now I'm just being greedy ;]

All it needs is a clear display, and a split/thru input - nothing more. How hard can it be? Sort it out Propellerheads, please..!!

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