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Old 2012-01-26, 19:51
fizbin fizbin is offline
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BUG: Undo draw event leaves snap quantize value in bad state

EDIT: bug still exists.

Forgive me if this is not the right place for this.

Reason 6.02 (EDIT: or 6.5) on PC, Windows 7 x64, 32 or 64 bit (same behavior)
1. Open the MIDI editor, check "snap", and set the snap value to 1/16
2. Draw a 1/16th note anywhere in the MIDI grid
3. Change the snap value to 1/32 from the dropdown under the snap checkbox
4. Undo last event (should be a "draw event") from the edit menu, or ctrl-Z. The name of the last event can be verified in the Edit menu.

Actual behavior:
The note that was drawn in step 2 is removed, correctly per the undo, however the grid changes back to 1/16 and behaves as 1/16, while the indicated snap value is 1/32 in the dropdown in the toolbar.

Expected behavior:
The note should be removed, because the last event is indicated as a "draw event", and the snap value and grid should remain unchanged. If changing snap is an undoable event, it should show as the last event, and when it is undone, both the grid and the dropdown values should change consistently. Also, setting the snap/grid and draw events should never be connected as a single undo event.

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