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Balance Questions

With an audio interface, the output is as important as the input.

First, in another thread, someone claimed that the computer's volume control should be at max when using Balance. This suggests to me that Balance does not bypass the computer's soundcard. For my needs, an audio interface effectively replaces the soundcard. My question then is this: what role does the computer's soundcard play with Balance and can the soundcard be bypassed altogether?

Second, when monitoring existing tracks while recording, I want an easy way to adjust their overall volume against what I am recording. However, I see no way to do this from Balance's panel. Also, I sometimes find it convenient to put existing tracks all in the left channel with what I am recording in the right. Again, I see no way to do this. Are these basic functions available at all?

Finally, what are Balance's general output specs? Output impedance (balanced & unbalanced), maximum output level (balanced & unbalanced), channel-to-channel crosstalk, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, total harmonic distortion, and frequency response? The technical specifications webpage, as is, is rather scant.

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