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Old 2013-08-04, 20:18
samuellell samuellell is offline
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Bayerdynamics dt 770 vs audiotechnica ATH m50

Hey guys i lately made a topic on mixing headphones, but i feel like its not looked at anymore. so heres my question:

did anyone test the dt 770 pro and the ath m50 against each other and has an opinion about them? i have both at home for tryial. i listened to a house song on both and the song sounded so completely different, you can only guess which one was the actual mixdown. i feel like the dt 770 shows ALOT more detail that you dont even hear with the m50. its like the m50 only plays the basic sound, but the dt 770 shows every little detail. at least it was like that in this house song.
im asking because in germany the dt 770 only costs 159 euros and the m50 with a special offer 109 ( regular price at 150 as well.) in the us the dt 770 costs like 380 dollar. i thought maybe it is because of that, that many people didnt suggest the 770?

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