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Old 2012-02-06, 23:58
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Snap to note on events for automation please

There are times when you just want to have an effect or vector automation for specific note on events - be it an Envelope tweak, filter modulation, insert parameter effect tweak or a tweak of a send etc on a note on basis.
Would it be possible to have an option to snap vector automation events to note on events in the midi note lane as it's rather laborious as it stands doing micro tweaks and edits in a mix where your vector/fx/send/insert/pan/fader/eq automation etc is only needed on specific note on events within the sequence itself.
Particularly handy when doing so on rhythmic tracks also I might add.
Also we should be able to highlight any vector points in an automation lane and be able to use the quantise tool window and apply Regroove templates to vector automation too.
If we also had audio quantise as an option this feature could be added as a snap vector automation to transient tool also.
It would make life a lot easier for some of us .

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