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Lightbulb Midi Out and Audio Quantization.

Reason has come a long way since earlier versions and it is and always will be my favorite program for music creation. Since It's so easy for me to use my hardware synths get no attention because they can't be quantized. I rewire into pro tools but honestly i'm starting to lean towards only using reason for songwriting, production and mixing. i hope future versions will allow me to utilize all of my gear in a simple way. I can play instruments easily on time for the most part. but when it comes to recording other people it's hard to get them to play the same couple of bars over and over. Sometimes i'll zoom in and then slice and move to quantize audio but that really takes so long if there is a lot of stuff i need to fix.

So please try to make audio quantization and midi out in reason 7 =] I have a roland fantom x8, microkorg, and both esx and emx electribes that don't see much use =/

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