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Old 2012-02-08, 23:31
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Expert's Help Needed: Problem with CodeMeter / Autherizer Key detection

Hi all,

This is my first post here.
I've been using Reason 4.0 for a while and recently I've
upgraded to Reason 6 along with Balance.

Here's the problem.

-I'm having trouble with my Ignition Key. Reason and the Reason authorizing software do not see the key.

I believe this is happening because the CodeMeter is not detected when I connected to my USB port.

Here's the exact issue I'm encountering.

- The CodeMeter gets detected, however, I need to unplug/replug the Balance many times to finally have my PC recognize the CodeMeter.

- When CodeMeter is detected, I can finally launch Reason, but now it's not recognizing the ASIO & WDM drivers.
Again, I have to replug the Balance to have it detected but then, CodeMeter doesn't get detected.....

So, whenever the CodeMeter is detected, Driver fails, and vise versa.

This results the Reason fail to find my ignition key in the device, requires to enter the Internet authorization, every single time I launch Reason.
This is very frustrating.

Worst is, if I don't have the internet connection available, I can't authorize so it only runs in Demo mode.

I'm running Windows7 64bit Intel i7. Connecting the Balance thru USB 2.0.
I've tried reinstalling, deauthorize/reauthorize the key on the device, but no luck at all.

I would appreciate some help....


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