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Subforums - Let's make this place more useful

Props, we need subforums. One or two for education purposes (patch sharing forum and expert tutorials from people like exode/selig etc.) and one for commercial purposes. That way when someone spams the user forum with "CHECK OUT MAH REFILL" a moderator can move that thread immediately.

I think it'd be great to have a subsection of the forums for people like Exode, Selig, (EDIT:STEVEDIVERSE) and Phisequence (I know there are other users of this caliber but I'm sort of new here) to post tips/wisdom/general sexiness and limit the creation of threads to a certain set of users (sort of like GearSlutz where VIP post threads or do interview type things).

The general forum (and sometimes the user forum) are just too flooded with people asking the same questions OVER and OVER again, gets very tricky to navigate to find useful information, and even when I use the search function I get a slew of people who've posted questions that have NOTHING to do with what I'm trying to learn. No more new users asking if Props can support VSTs, Midi-Out ad naseum.

I just posted a thread here:

and a couple of users, including exode posted patches to help me find that sound. SO THANKFUL!!

For instance, selig could keep a cumulative thread where he answers questions about mixing, devices within reason, routing, etc. and Exode has threads where he answers and helps users with advanced sound design. We could PM users to answer our questions and they could post threads in these subsections with their suggestions.

Not only would this help the community find more specific topics by users who are more than qualified, but it would also help boost exposure for their refills and any services people like selig offers (maybe a FAQ at the top to encourage those who ask to support the users' endeavors). I'll be purchasing a couple of Exode's refills just to thank him for his selflessness in helping me and a friend out.

Anyway, let me know if you think this is worth it. I think there's a wealth of info here but it's tough to weed through the crap to get to it and it's making good people like Kaiserin leave:


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