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Old 2012-02-16, 06:25
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Using reason for live play similair to ableton live (work around)

So i'm basically hoping that the propellerhead folks make a new mode in reason where its more geared towards live play, but until then this is the work around that i'm doing so that i can use only reason in a live setting somewhat like ableton live but not completely, (i'm planning on bascially it just being me with my laptop and a midi controller, no other band members that need to play to a specific bpm/ backing track). Basically got the idea from watch nosaj thing and baths (yes thats the artists name) doing a live set using an mpd controller, you can youtube them. So to start, once you have a finished song export all the percussion parts together as an audio file, that way you can import them in as only one track in your "song file" (might get trickier if you have percussion that comes in and out throughout the song). Then export all the other instrument tracks as an audio file, and chop them into segments using recycle. Its somewhat tedious, i usually just make a slice every bar or so depending on if the segment will have to play over the drums or not. Then use this combinator patch i added to import the rex file. Its got basic hp/ lp filter and res, beat repeater, volume, stereo mode and a fourth button you can assign to something. then you just need to make sure your midi controller has 4 knobs and buttons, and either keys or pads, i'm using maschine which works good becasue it has its own mapping program so you just change the cc's so that they match the combinator knobs, and its got ocatve changes which i dont think most mpd models have. basically then i just clear out a reason file import different segments of the drums. Lable the bpms needed for each rex patch and then u just play along with the drums when you need it and if the intro, outro, watever part of your song doesn't need drums you just play it live triggering rex slices without having the play button on the trasnport on. Just make sure you change the cc settings on your midi controller for the combinator knobs because its easier than locking your midi controller to one device. Also if you can control the transport and choose which device from your controller its easier, but you can also use your mouse. This is as close as i can get without using rewire, or having to worry about too many songs opened at one time, if you guys need any help/ questions let me know.
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