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Old 2012-02-16, 13:01
AsanteLawla AsanteLawla is offline
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Official Reason iPad midi/mirror Controller

A midi controller which works in complete sync with your current reason session interface i.e. everytime u add a new mixer channel it adds a midi controller for it on the ipad app.

at the moment when i need to move about a lot in the studio (switching between instruments ect) I quite often use an app called air display to move my sequencer and mixer on to my ipad screen. this allows me control the sequencer perfectly, allowing me to stop, start, record, loop, listen back in the comp editor and generaly manage my recording session very intuitively as i can see exactly what im doing and quickly set up new tracks and adjust levels without having to contantly re visit my desk.

This tends to work well for me although there is a slight delay when using sliders and knobs which prevents me from being able to record automation accurately. having the ability to do this would be extremely useful as the touch screen allows for very precise control.

I know it would be impossible to port the entire reason 6 to the ipad but having a midi controler which mimics the interface of your current session wouuld be able to achieve this.

let me know what you guys think

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