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Old 2012-02-17, 18:15
rogerlevy rogerlevy is offline
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Remove separate "Value" dropdown from Tool Window > Quantize

There has never been a time when the quantize I wanted was different from the current Snap value for notes in Edit Mode.

Usually, it's the fact that the Tool Window's quantize value being different that causes annoying mistakes.

Or, alternatively, make the Quantize Value dropdown mirror that Edit Mode snap value, and vice versa.

Also just a thought, but what about keyboard shortcuts to toggle between two snap values so that I could quickly work on pad chords and melodies in parallel.

Edit: Realized that this creates a problem with Ctrl+K and Q.Rec when Edit Mode is NOT enabled. That is, it would be confusing for users if they had to go into Edit Mode to change the note quantization (forgot you don't do quantization only in Edito Mode). In this case I suggest adding a little LED indicator next to Q.Rec showing the current quantize value for NOTES (i.e. "BAR", "2", "4", "16T" etc) that opens a dropdown when you click. Toggling Snap still affects snap for both clips and drawing notes.

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